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Scrapper is a fast paced, action packed, space-flight Roguelite where you play as a scavenger travelling through the most treacherous areas of space, completing missions and collecting scrap to further improve your ship.

The goal of this demo is to get from point A to B, collecting pickups, avoid getting killed and getting the largest score along the way!

Change Log:

17th July 2017:

  • Complete visual overhaul
  • Added "Survive" mission type
  • New ship parts
  • Player now finds ship parts by playing the game, and they can then be purchased using the scrap that is collected from earning points and completing missions
  • Added fuel mechanic, you now need to collect fuel pickups periodically
  • If a wing collides with an obstacle, it now breaks off, reducing speed and causing the ship to veer to the side
  • Added repair pickup that restores broken wings
  • Added options menu where graphic and game settings can be changed
  • Added mine enemies that create nets when approached
  • Many bug fixes and minor improvements, too many to list here

9th December 2016:

  • Added modular ship parts
  • Removed enemies from the Asteroid field stage
  • Updated Instructions and controls menus to no longer reference controls and mechanics that have been removed
  • Added more effects while boosting and removed the boost text that appeared at the top of the screen
  • Powerups in the Ship Graveyard stage are now more random
  • Objects in headlights on the Ship Graveyard stage now cast shadows
  • Modified player inputs so that keyboard players don't turn further than intended when turning in multiple directions

1st December 2016:

  • Added headlights to ship in Ship Graveyard stage
  • Changed player model
  • Both stages now use separate high score tables (unfortunately this means that older high scores won't carry over to this version)

29th November 2016:

  • Improved fog in the Ship Graveyard stage
  • Removed enemies and weapons from Ship Graveyard stage
  • Stopped currently unused pickup from spawning in Ship Graveyard stage
  • Fixed bugs with pickup markers behaving incorrectly in Ship Graveyard stage
  • Made new animations for the stage select menu
  • Fixed bug where player could have multiple shields at once

More information

Published 319 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorGhostbolt Games
TagsAction-Adventure, Fast-Paced, Flight, Roguelike, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
LinksTwitter, Homepage

Install instructions

Download the zip file, unzip to a folder of your choice. and play "Scrapper.exe"


Srapper_Demo_Win.zip (51 MB)

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