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Scrapper is a fast paced, action packed, space-flight Roguelite where you play as a scavenger travelling through the most treacherous areas of space, completing missions and collecting scrap to further improve your ship.

The goal of this demo is to complete various missions, collect pickups, avoid getting killed and get the best score along the way!

Change Log:

26th September 2017:

  • Changed the missions that are available in the demo
  • Challenges now appear during gameplay that give points and scrap when completed
  • Added more ship parts
  • Added colour button to the ship selection menu, allowing you to choose the ships colour
  • Darkened the game while paused to make the menu more readable
  • Fixed bugs related to mine movement
  • Fixed bug where the photo mode UI would sometimes show up in the outlines of objects when a screenshot was taken
  • Fixed bugs where some options wouldn't properly change when reverting to default
  • The default options now use the maximum resolution and quality settings
  • General improvements to menus and UI
  • Improved mouse navigation in menus
  • Made pickups more visible
  • Lighting improvements in the main menu and during gameplay
  • Adjusted particles on the player ship, changed the explosion effect when the ship crashes, and added particles for when the ship is damaged

17th July 2017:

  • Complete visual overhaul
  • Added "Survive" mission type
  • New ship parts
  • Player now finds ship parts by playing the game, and they can then be purchased using the scrap that is collected from earning points and completing missions
  • Added fuel mechanic, you now need to collect fuel pickups periodically
  • If a wing collides with an obstacle, it now breaks off, reducing speed and causing the ship to veer to the side
  • Added repair pickup that restores broken wings
  • Added options menu where graphic and game settings can be changed
  • Added mine enemies that create nets when approached
  • Many bug fixes and minor improvements, too many to list here

9th December 2016:

  • Added modular ship parts
  • Removed enemies from the Asteroid field stage
  • Updated Instructions and controls menus to no longer reference controls and mechanics that have been removed
  • Added more effects while boosting and removed the boost text that appeared at the top of the screen
  • Powerups in the Ship Graveyard stage are now more random
  • Objects in headlights on the Ship Graveyard stage now cast shadows
  • Modified player inputs so that keyboard players don't turn further than intended when turning in multiple directions

1st December 2016:

  • Added headlights to ship in Ship Graveyard stage
  • Changed player model
  • Both stages now use separate high score tables (unfortunately this means that older high scores won't carry over to this version)

29th November 2016:

  • Improved fog in the Ship Graveyard stage
  • Removed enemies and weapons from Ship Graveyard stage
  • Stopped currently unused pickup from spawning in Ship Graveyard stage
  • Fixed bugs with pickup markers behaving incorrectly in Ship Graveyard stage
  • Made new animations for the stage select menu
  • Fixed bug where player could have multiple shields at once

Install instructions

Download the zip file, unzip to a folder of your choice. and play "Scrapper.exe"


Srapper_Demo_Win.zip (62 MB)
Version 0.8.2 25 days ago

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